About our company


We are an import/export company motivated by the challenges of globalization. Our business expertise and good communication enable us to develop the best solutions for our clients and associated partners, always prioritizing the quality of our products and services. We operate in the agricultural business and precious stones segment, in the most diverse sectors, offering a wide range of products.

Our team believes in long-term strategic commitments. We do our best to achieve mutual goals with our customers, partners and suppliers. We are ONE TOGETHER. We are LAKAY BUSINESS.



To commercialize products with excellent quality that meet international market requirements and standards, always seeking to exceed the expectations of our customers through social and environmental responsibility, commitment and innovation.

We specialize in working directly with producers and end users, providing reliable conditions for supplying quality products competitively.

Our culture pushes for a long-term international relationship, aiming to meet the needs of our customers.


To be a reference in the foreign trade industry by combining our core competencies with effective strategies to strengthen Lakay Business Import/Export in the world market.

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